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JSDB compiles with GCC or the free Borland C++ compiler, and can be configured for other compilers.

With GCC (MinGW or Cygwin)

With Borland C++

Borland C++ compiles smaller programs, so it's used for the prebuilt binaries.


To solve the bootstrapping problem, JSDB can be built in two versions: full and minimal (jsdb_min.exe). The minimal version has only those classes necessary to build JSDB: Stream and Record. Use it when compiling your modifications to the full version.

The JSDB distribution includes a script, make.js, which builds JSDB itself. To build JSDB for other platforms, run jsdb.exe make.js jsdb.project wingcc /preview to get a shell script. You can modify it to build JSDB on the platform of your choice.

The JSDB package you download includes SpiderMonkey code that compiles with Borland C++. If you use a different version of SpiderMonkey, you may need to make some changes.

Older verions

JSDB 1.6 source code

JSDB 1.5 source code